Nutrition Force on-site

Our health is the most important thing that we have while we are on this earth and our bodies allow us to achieve our dreams and our purpose; to have fun and play, to work and achieve the best things possible, to have relationships and care for our families and to travel and explore. If your body is not allowing you the freedom to achieve your best life, then it is time to invest in a long term solution. 

Therefore, Haynes Medical Centre has partnered with Nutrition Force to offer personalised nutritional and dietetic services from our practice in Haynes.

Those who are on a health care plan may be eligible for bulk billing for a range of dietary related health conditions such as weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, coeliac disease, gastric sleeve and other chronic diseases. For those not on a health care plan, health insurance rebates apply. 

See your GP for more information, for bookings call Haynes Medical Centre on 9497 5096 or call Nutrition Force on 9385 7755